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Varay International Complex Music School is a private music education initiative that emphasizes and celebrates the originality of each person’s creative identity. It is based in Budapest, Hungary,

We believe that music is an essential tool for self-discovery and self-expression, and at Varay ICMS we empower our students to find their unique musical voice and share it with the world.


The Music School


International Complex Music School

About our program

We welcome people of all ages: our studio lessons are accessible to everyone from young toddlers, to teenagers, to young adults, all the way to seasoned professionals and amateurs. Our goal is simply to provide access, create the most encouraging environment and atmosphere, and help our students master the language of music.

Private Lessons

We work in concert with our students to establish their individual goals for each term, and we provide them with the tools that are necessary to learn music as easily and playfully as possible. By offering 55-minute individual private lessons, we can devote undivided attention to our students and help them achieve their goals quickly and efficiently.


We currently offer violin, cello, piano, and flute lessons to our students. With ambitious goals to expand, we will continuously broaden our list of available instruments and lessons over time.


Our affiliation with the Anima Musicæ Chamber Orchestra allows us to offer a list of unique benefits to our students. With opportunities to perform solo pieces with AMCO, and with access to AMCO hosted master classes, professional orchestral rehearsals and concerts, we allow our students to fully immerse themselves in the world of music.

ANIMA MUSICÆ CHAMBER ORCHESTRA - photo by Bernadett Domány Király ©

Chamber Music

We understand that students can learn invaluable social skills through the language of music. At Varay ICMS, we offer opportunities for our students to make music in a variety of chamber group formations, and help them gain the essential skills to develop a shared and resonant voice with their peers.

Kovacs Method™

Often referenced as "The Care of Musical Work Capacity," the Kovacs Method was developed by Dr. Geza Kovacs, and is recognized today as one of the greatest intellectual achievements in Hungarian music pedagogy. The method promotes a lifestyle and a culture of movement that was specifically developed with musicians in mind.


Varay ICMS is located in the Europa Congress Center in Budapest's second district. The building offers free parking, and visitors are required to check in at the front desk.


Concerts at Nador Hall

We celebrate the end of each term with a recital, and we provide chamber music performance opportunities throughout the entire year at the illustrious Nador Hall in Budapest. An art nouveau concert venue, the Nador Hall offers students the opportunity to experience the excitement of performing in a superior acoustic and professional setting.

NÁDOR-HALL - photo by Imre Bálint ©


We want to ensure that our students can continue their musical education and choose freely from all the available opportunities in the world. Upon request, we help our students prepare for Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) exams, so that they can confidently pursue their musical dreams in the future.

Live Streaming

Our recitals are streamed live so that loved ones and friends can tune in from any part of the world.