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5 Hárshegyi út
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Varay International Complex Music School is a private music education initiative that emphasizes and celebrates the originality of each person’s creative identity. It is based in Budapest, Hungary,

We believe that music is an essential tool for self-discovery and self-expression, and at Varay ICMS we empower our students to find their unique musical voice and share it with the world.


Application Process


We always look forward to welcoming new members to our school, and we consistently do everything in our power to accommodate all newcomers. However, given the limited number of available spots, we urge every candidate to complete our application process as soon as possible.

With our focus on making your application straightforward and stress-free, we designed the following four-step process:

  • First you'll need to fill out an application form, that you'll find on this page. After you've submitted the form, you'll receive a confirmation email from us.
  • After we've received and reviewed your application, a representative from our school will reach out to you in order to schedule your live audition.
  • No need to worry: our live auditions aren't competitive or taxing by any means. Aside from being entirely free, they are simply meant to evaluate the musical aptitude and current level of technique of each prospective student.
  • Soon after the audition, we'll reach out you with our decision, and we'll let you know about the following necessary steps.